How To Register as a Photographer

Aloha Everyone! We know that using a new platform can be tough especially if the user interface isn’t the easiest to navigate through. That being said, we’re here to help you get through your first photo upload.

Let’s begin!

First in the top navigation, you’ll want to sign up as a photographer.

Click on ‘Sell Your Photography’ in the top navigation under Photographers and you’ll be directed to the Vendor Registration form.

This is a quick and easy form to fill out to begin your journey.

NOTE: Username is the name you’ll use to log-in to your account. Display Name is used for display purposes and how people will see your profile.

After filling out all pertinent information click on the ‘Register’ button to submit your application.

From the time you submit your application there is a 24 – 48 approval period. You must wait for approval before you begin uploading your photos to start selling.

If you’ve done everything correctly, you’ll see the screen below.

Keep an eye out for your approval email so you can begin uploading photos!