2020 Launch Contest


Everyone loves a scenic landscape, but for this round we want you to take or submit photos that go beyond the obvious. Capture details up close, people enjoying while staying safe and social distancing. Surprise us!

How To Enter:

In order to enter the Aloha Stock Photos contest, you need to be 18 and over and must be a photographer with an approved account at Aloha Stock Photos. 

To begin:

  1.  Register to be a photographer.
  2.  You will receive an email, pending the approval of your account. Approval by admins will take up to 24-48 hours.
  3.  Once your photographer account is approved, you may start uploading stock photos that will be used in the contest.  Click here to learn how to upload stock photos to AlohaStockPhotos.com.
  4.  ALL photos must be taken in Hawai’i; ALL other photos will not be accepted. 
  5.  You’re welcome to promote your photos on other social media platforms.
  6.  Voting will be determined in the periods below.

Prize Details

There will be one winner for each category every other week.

Those categories are:

  • Local food with notable Hawai’i landmarks, buildings and scenery
  • Urban
  • Nature
  • Candid/Portrait with notable Hawai’i landmarks, buildings and scenery

We will use analytics and traffic to find the most popular photo of the week. These stats will be public upon announcement to get a first, second and third highest ranking.


*You must be a resident of Hawaii to enter and to receive your prize. For a more detailed explanation of how rating works, see our FAQs

Week 1:

Submission starts Oct 19, 2020 and ends Oct 25, 2020

Voting begins Oct 26, 2020 and ends Oct 29, 2020

Winner will be announced October 31, 2020

Week 2:

Submission starts Nov 2, 2020 and ends Nov 8, 2020

Voting begins Nov 9, 2020 and ends Nov 12, 2020

Winner will be announced Nov 14, 2020

Week 3:

Submission starts Nov 16, 2020 and ends Nov 22, 2020

Voting begins Nov 23, 2020 and ends Nov 26, 2020

Winner will be announced Nov 28, 2020

Week 4:

Submission starts Nov 30, 2020 and ends Dec 6, 2020

Voting begins Dec 7, 2020 and ends Dec 10, 2020

Winner will be announced Dec 12, 2020